President's Goals

On-Campus Outdoor Recreation

One of the highlighting features of Gonzaga's campus is its wide open green areas and consistent outdoor recreation by students. One of the projects proposed in Spring 2016 is the construction of an outdoor basketball court. Headed by the Junior Class President and VP, they are pursuing conversations to advance this project.

Improving Safety Technology

GSBA is committed to student safety in all forms possible. We are working closely with CAMPO to develop a new safety app for the Gonzaga community. In addition, GAB has several safety related presentations and seminars lined up for the spring semester.

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Improving Gonzaga-Logan Relations

While we are all part of the Gonzaga community, we are also a part of the greater Logan community. Maintaining a positive relationship with the members of the Logan Community is a key goal for GSBA. In Fall of 2015, the first annual Logan Block Party was hosted for Gonzaga students and residents of Logan. Its outstanding feedback by both students and residents ensured that this event will be repeated every year.
Block Party