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Dear Students of Gonzaga University, As your GSBA President, I am emotionally and morally inclined to denounce the disturbing incidents and the loss of an innocent life in Charlottesville, VA. The events that occurred last weekend have poured salt into the wounds of a country marred by divisions. Th[...]
This year we’ll be operating the Beer Garden at Spochella a little differently than last year, here are all the details you need to know in order to purchase your ticket and get the best deal for you! -Sales Start Monday April 4 at 11am and goes all the way till Thursday April 14th -Cashnet li[...]
Katie Rosenberger Position: GAB Coordinator Major: Psychology with minors in Solidarity and Social Justice Have you’ve met Katie Rosenberger? Katie is a junior from Seattle Washington who is GSBA’s GAB coordinator, given the main responsibility of facilitating GSBA’s GAB (Gonzaga A[...]
Israel Musonda Position: Transfer/Veteran/Returning Adult Senator Major: Business Administration with a concentration in Supply Chain Management and International Business Have you’ve met Israel Musonda? Israel is a Sophomore from Denver Colorado who serves as a Senator on the GSBA Senate. The[...]
David Dommermuth and Yianni Gougoumis Position: Junior class President and Vice President Year: Junior David’s Majors: Biology with a research concentration Yianni’s Major: Business Administration with a minor in Psychology Have you’ve met our Junior class President and Vice Presid[...]
Learn about what’s to come in the month of February with the launch of the new Adopt a Block program and the third annual National Gonzaga Day! Best, Brandon Lim Director of Communications  [...]
Amanda Hardt Position: Director of Clubs and Organizations Year: Junior Major: Sports Management Minor: Communications, Promotions Have you’ve met our Director of Clubs and Orgs? Amanda Hardt our enthusiastic Director oversees all 142 clubs on Gonzaga’s campus. Within this job Amanda oversees the pr[...]
Learn about what has been going on in the month of December with a recap of the Firesidechat with President Mcculloh and also the implication of the hot water spigots next to Einsteins! Click the link below to go see the video! Best, Brandon Lim Director of Communications[...]