After the hustle and bustle of Club Fair, Service Fair, info sessions, and a brand new class schedule, how do you decipher all the information thrown at you? There are so many ways to get involved on campus, but what direction do you choose? Let’s try to break it down a bit!

Get Involved In Service (CCASL):


CCASL has a program to suite all of your interests. Whether it’s volunteering at an assisted living home, working directly with the homeless population, or mentoring a child at a local elementary school, CCASL can help you get involved. CCASL also offers service immersion trips like Justice in January and Mission Possible. Visit the CCASL house at 617 E Boone Ave to learn more about all the ways you can get involved.

Explore Your Spirituality (UMIN):


University Ministry offers daily masses, retreats, and Christian Life Communities (CLC). Deepen your faith and spirituality by attending a retreat, joining a CLC, or getting a spiritual guide. UMIN is located on the first floor of Crosby between the café and US Bank.


Join a CLUB:

Gonzaga has over 100 active clubs on campus ranging from academic to personal interest clubs. Hopefully after the Monstrous Club Fair, you were able to find a few clubs that interested you. Be sure to stay active in the clubs you are interested and look out for some great on campus events put on by clubs and student organizations. Visit Zagtivities to browse through all the GU clubs and organizations and stay in the loop with campus happenings!

Try for a Championship T-Shirt (Intramurals):

Intramural Sports are put on by the fitness center and they get almost 3,000 participants each year. Intramurals are a fun way to stay active on campus and play sports in a no-pressure environment. Get a group of your friends together and sign up for an intramural sport at

Get a Head Start on Your Career (Career Center and GAMP):

Career Center

Stop by the career center on the second floor of Crosby to get some resume tips, network, and discover job opportunities in the area. The career center is a great tool for career development and they put on a variety of events including corporate treks, training sessions, and panel discussions with professionals.

Get Involved in GSBA:

We are always looking for students to get involved in GSBA whether it is Senate, Class Office, or Executive Staff. Learn more about the ways that you can get involved in GSBA by browsing through our website, or by visiting us on the second floor of Crosby. We would love to hear what you think about GU and how we can better serve YOU!

GSBA 2013


We hope this list was helpful, but it only skims the surface of involvement on campus! To get some more ideas on how you can get involved, spark up conversation with your fellow Zags and ask about how they discovered their Gonzaga. Maybe you will be exposed to new ways to get involved!