In case you missed the Fireside Chat with Thayne McCulloh and Johnny Draxler on Thursday, March 20 here are a few highlights from this educational night!

 1.      Dussault Dorm Changes

The known apartment style dorms are being revamped. The University has decided to change the Dussault apartments into a suite style dorm set up due to the increase in population on campus. The apartments were originally built for law students and families on campus, which is not how the dorms are being utilized. Housing undergraduates has taken over which is why the plan to make the apartments into a suite style set up is more efficient for the students and university based on the demographics of the community.

2.      Pet Policy

I’m sure you have heard the rumors about the administration banning pets from Gonzaga’s campus. Dr. McCulloh and Johnny Draxler wanted to clear the air about this controversial topic. Johnny wanted the public to know that no dogs are currently being banned from campus. Dr. McCulloh and Johnny stated the university wants to be more compliant with students highly allergic to dogs and a discussion about this topic has been discussed my administration for two years. The primary mission is to formulate an equal environment in the education setting for all students. This topic is still ongoing, but no Maddie and Sophie aren’t being banned anytime soon from GU!

3.      What’s in Store for the Future of Gonzaga?

Dr. McCulloh’s main goal is to continue to strengthen faculty and the learning environment to set students up for success. Some projects that are on the horizon are expanding the science department and how this field can develop and merge with other areas of interest like health and technology. So, creating more facilities for research is on its way for Gonzaga. Also, creating a more modern work environment in regards to classroom settings. More modern, integrated housing will be on its way in order to replace aging dorms. This can be having faculty live in dorms and have more classrooms in dorms as well. Lastly, Dr. McCulloh wanted to let students know he is happy with the size of Gonzaga and does not have any plan to dramatically grow.

4.      Unapproved Clubs on Campus

Johnny informed students that Gonzaga does not recognize Greek life on campus currently. But, this is a topic that needs to be discussed and heard from all angles. Dr. McCulloh expressed he is not a fan of the word “no” because he likes to find solutions and come up with alternative plans. Just because the university does not recognize a club, does not mean it cannot be apart of Gonzaga culture. However, Gonzaga administration still does not support Greek life do to the fact that many people chose Gonzaga based off the fact that we do not have Greek life and the activities that are commonly associated with sororities and fraternities do not align with Gonzaga’s mission.

5.      Sexual Health and Awareness

The topic of inadequate education for sexual health and awareness compared to other Jesuit universities was expressed. Johnny indicated that a goal he has been working on is to have a free environment where students can express and talk about this issue, even if the university cannot. Dr. McCulloh added that he does not see an issue with the university doing a better job with providing education and support to students about sexual health issues. It is an important area for discussion and Dr. McCulloh said first we need to find out the needs and desires of students before moving forward with this topic.