Katie Rosenberger

Position: GAB Coordinator

Major: Psychology with minors in Solidarity and Social Justice

Have you’ve met Katie Rosenberger? Katie is a junior from Seattle Washington who is GSBA’s GAB coordinator, given the main responsibility of facilitating GSBA’s GAB (Gonzaga Activities Board). GAB is derived of six positions which consists of a Coffeehouse Chair, a CAMO (Campus Awareness of Multicultural Opportunities) Chair, Community Events Chair,  two Weekend events Chairs, and a GAB lectures Chair. The main purpose of GAB is to plan a variety of events that tend to all students on Gonzaga’s campus providing different needs or passions. In Katie’s job as coordinator she facilitates every one of these events and makes sure these events align with Gonzaga’s core values and mission.

Thus far in the school year one of Katie’s favorite events has been being able to bring Sister Hellen Prejone onto campus and getting a chance to spend one on one time with her. Another favorite event she has coordinated has been her Party with Consent talk where she was able to give out free shirts to all who attended and was able to inform students how to be safe when alcohol comes into the mix.

What Katie likes most about Gonzaga is the multitude of opportunities to go after whatever we want as Zags and if those passions aren’t here we can create them as students. Outside of GAB, Katie is involved in Uminn, leads a CLC, is highly involved in the dance program, and works at Telefund. What she likes most about GSBA is being able to work with other students who care deeply about bettering the student body to help fulfill the needs of the Gonzaga community.

Not only does Katie facilitate every GAB event, she has been given the responsibility of coordinating Spochella or GBSA’s annual spring carnival which’ll be Friday April 15th.

Have a question for Katie? Email her here: Gsba-Gabcoordinator@zagmail.gonzaga.edu




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