Israel Musonda

Position: Transfer/Veteran/Returning Adult Senator

Major: Business Administration with a concentration in Supply Chain Management and International Business

Have you’ve met Israel Musonda? Israel is a Sophomore from Denver Colorado who serves as a Senator on the GSBA Senate. The GSBA Senate consists of 24 senators representing each body of the Gonzaga population. This branch of GSBA is run by the Speaker of Senate who oversees the entire senate where they focus on student advocacy and policy work. The senate is held responsible to be a voice for student concern to administration and work to change new policies to benefit the student body.

Within the Senate Israel serves on the governance committee one of five standing committees senate focuses on. The other four standing committees are Academic, Committee on Student Development, Health and Safety, and Finance.

So far in the role of being a senator Israel has helped rewrite the GSBA constitution for future school years. Israel has also successfully ran a campaign where he went around campus getting signatures from administration, student faculty, and staff to encourage administration to promote support of veterans across the nation.

What Israel likes most abut GSBA is the passion within the organization and how he can feel a flow of energy in the office. To Israel the GSBA office is his second home and the place to go on campus in his free time. Israel sees Gonzaga as a campus that is extremely welcoming where you don’t have to put on a mask with your peers and you can be yourself in student life. He also sees satisfaction in how Gonzaga is continually challenging your viewpoints and how this community naturally pushes students to think outside of the box. Outside of GSBA Israel is involved with ISU, Science Club, and spends a lot of his time in improving disability access on campus. In the future Israel wants to increase his involvement in GSBA and hopes to grow the well being of the Gonzaga community.


GSBA Information Systems Manager