David Dommermuth and Yianni Gougoumis

Position: Junior class President and Vice President

Year: Junior

David’s Majors: Biology with a research concentration

Yianni’s Major: Business Administration with a minor in Psychology

Have you’ve met our Junior class President and Vice President? David and Yianni lead and represent GSBA by sending out weekly emails to inform the Junior class of upcoming events within the Gonzaga community. As the President and Vice President they emphasize community improvement and have been working hard to find ways to get the Junior Zags involved. This past year they have been working on a variety of projects including reformatting Gonzaga’s title nine page by making it more functional, collecting study abroad letters to send to students, Junior class t-shirt designs, and a no shave november contest which raised money for charity. At the beginning of the year they had their getting Krispy with David and Yianni event, where they handed out 300+ Krispy Kreme donuts to get feedback of what students want for their Junior year. This event was highly successful where they were able to get feedback from over 300 Junior Zags.  Currently, they’ve been working closely with Plant Services and other Gonzaga outlets to bring in an outdoor basketball court for Gonzaga’s campus. They’re hopeful that by the end of their term, the ground work for this project can be successfully implemented and Zags can have another source of outdoor entertainment.

A fun fact about David is that he’s advanced scuba certified. For Yianni he’s fluent in Greek since the 3rd grade after attending Greek school as a child. What David and Yianni enjoy most about GSBA is how they have the resources to make positive changes on campus happen. Outside of GSBA David is an RA, highly involved with GUSR, and also spends his time doing research projects. Yianni is also an RA and keeps himself busy with his job in the Rudolph Fitness center. What David likes most about Gonzaga is how this is a campus that has a culture of high student involvement with students being involved in a range of activities. What Yianni likes most about Gonzaga is the strong emphasis of academics, and that you can find passion in your course of studies. Be sure to keep on the look out and watch out for the pair as they run for Senior class President and Vice President.

Have a question for your Junior class President and Vice President? Email Ddommermuth@zagmail.gonzaga.edu or Jgougoumis@zagmail.gonzaga.edu with any questions or concerns!

“A force for change, a force for love.” David Dommermuth



GSBA Information Systems Manager