Regarding the recent opinion articles about the Gloriana concert sponsored by GSBA, there are some misconceptions we would like to address as well as any concerns students may have about the cost of the concert. Foremost, all GSBA events cost money and are never designed as money-makers. We host events that range from “Yoga on the Quad” to transporting students to Green Bluff; all these activities cost GSBA money. Second, GSBA events are approved and organized with the purpose to provide a variety of activities and entertainment that would appeal to a broad spectrum of individuals. In addition, the GSBA allotted budget is distributed among clubs and events. The cost of the Gloriana concert will not impact the other planned opportunities or funding offered by GSBA. Moreover, clubs and club sports will continue to receive the same level of funding, and perhaps even more. Our organization’s mission is to support the Gonzaga student body, and everything we do is intended to benefit our fellow students. You can visit for more information about our organization. Our office is located in upper Crosby (204), so please stop by to say hello or express any concerns with our representatives!

GSBA Information Systems Manager