After a rigorous couple weeks of campaigning, elections, and run-offs, the results are in and we have a handful of new and enthusiastic GSBA members. We are already off to a great start with the new group and can’t wait to progress together as a whole throughout the year. Here is a brief introduction to the new members of Senate and Freshmen Office: 

Freshman Class President:

PaigePaige Leonnig:

Paige Leonnig is your enthusiastic Freshman Class President from Eagle, Idaho. A fun fact about her is that she has an extra bone in each ankle! As Freshman President, Paige is excited to plan events and work with fellow classmates on improving aspects of the university and making the first year at Gonzaga one to remember. Paige hopes to fundraise for local charities and to also increase the class spirit even more than now; she knows the Freshmen class can do it!


Freshman Class Vice President:

Jackie Santin:Jacqueline Santin

Jackie Santin is your new Freshman Class Vice President, and she is from Great Falls Montana. An interesting fact about Jackie is that she learned to ride a bike when her brothers duct taped her hands and feet the bike and pushed her down a hill. As your new Freshman Class Vice President, she is excited to start getting involved with all the different events happening around campus and be apart of all the different aspects that Gonzaga has to offer.

Freshman Class Senators:

Allison DrescherAllison Drescher:

Allison is from Orondo, Washington, and fun fact: she is a triple threat. Not only does she sing and dance, but she also plays softball! Allison believes that serving as Freshman Class Senator is more than a opportunity to lead, but an opportunity to be an integral part of a tradition rooted in passion and integrity. She is beyond excited to contribute to the unique legacy of the Freshman Class.

Morgan Lancaster:Morgan

Another Freshman Senator for this year is Morgan Lancaster. She is from Lake Tapps, Washington and became more worldly while she lived in Belgium as a foreign exchange student for a year while he was in high school. Morgan is on the Student Life Committee in Senate and hopes to be a person that students feel comfortable expressing their concerns to so that she can take the information and put action behind it.

Austin CaswellAustin Caswell:

Austin Caswell is one of this year’s Freshman Class Senators and is from the beautiful city, Bend, Oregon. Whether it is ultimate or just passing around, Austin loves to play Frisbee. He can’t wait to help to improve the school and would like to be able to work with as many portions of the school while listening closely!

Royal Henderson:untitled

Royal Henderson is a Freshman Senator from Haines, Alaska. An interesting fact about Royal is that he is currently one of the youngest elected officials serving in the state of Alaska. Royal plans to work hard to serve his new hope and he plans to bring all his dedication and experience to best represent the Class of 2017.

On-Campus Senators:

MaggieMaggie Douglas:

Maggie Douglas is one of the On-Campus Senators this year and lives on a farm in Almira, Washington. Being new to GSBA, Maggie is excited to reach out and meet as many people as she can to represent the students in the most authentic way. Maggie would like to see more inclusion and participation on campus and hopes to help achieve that goal through GSBA.

Michael Sparks:Michael Sparks

Michael Sparks, On-Campus Senator, is originally from Sacramento, California. A fun fact about Michael is that he is ambidextrous. As an On-Campus Senator, he is most excited about meeting all of people involved in GSBA, but most importantly, he is excited about performing his duties to the best of his ability!

MauraMaura Schauerman:

Maura is also a new On-Campus Senators and she is from Palos Verdes, California. She came to Gonzaga after taking a year off to teach 3rd grade with Americorps in New Hampshire. She is going to represent the student body by being very active in different clubs and organizations, as well as attending school and sport events and reppin’ the zag swag!


 Off-Campus Senators:Josh

Joshua White:

Joshua White is from Mount Vernon, Washington and will be one of the Off-Campus Senators for this year. Joshua has been a part of GU Orientation for the past two years and tries to be as loud as possible the whole weekend. As an Off-Campus Senator, he wants to make sure that everyone at Gonzaga feels connected and involved.

Will KurtzWill Kurtz:

Will Kurtz is another Off-Campus Senator, and he is from Littleton, Colorado. A fun fact about Will is that while he was in Turkey, he did Tai Chi in an ancient temple with a man he thought was either a local shaman, but possibly a hobo. Will wants to improve safely in the Logan neighborhood and also wants to establish a shuttle pick-up location that will cater to off-campus students on the weekend.

Anthony Johnson:Anthony

Anthony Johnson is also an Off-Campus Senator and is from San Jose, California. Anthony is a big fan of Minor League Baseball and loves being a part of the Gonzaga community. Anthony hopes to give back to GU community by reaching out to residents of the Logan neighborhood on a personal basis to understand the thoughts for improving the off-campus students’ living environment.

International Senator:

JJiayu Cheniayu Chen:

Jaiyu Chen is this year’s International Senator and is originally from Jaingsu, China. She can do several types of pen spinning and she plays the Chinese Zither, Which originates from more than a thousand years ago. Jaiyu hopes to bring opinions and ideas from as many students as possible so that GU can be an even better home for all of the student body.


Non-Traditional Senator: Ryan Nintzel

Ryan Nintzel:

Our new Non-Traditional Senator is from Bothell, Washington. Ryan enjoys ice-skating at Riverfront Park during this time of the year and looks forward to the new fall season starting this month. Ryan intends on representing the student body through communication and participation with the non-traditional organization. Along with this, Ryan intends on approaching our non-traditional student body with a diversified and open-mind.

GSBA is so excited to welcome all of our new representatives! Look out for your reps on campus and be sure to connect and let us know how we can better serve YOU! Happy Hump Day, Zags!


  1. Dila
    I like the idea of a study area. I am surprised there is not one given the inencasirg residential student population. But even as a commuter (~30 miles), i would appreciate having a study area like 2nd floor of the library large work tables, enforced quiet areas, safe and accessible location. I do not have a good work area at home and I can get tons more done in the library. It is disappointing to get booted out on the weekend