Part of the duty of Class Officers is to represent their student body by gaining perspective on some of the changes that they would like to see in our school.  Senior Class Officer, Michelle Elias, got the ball rolling and began to talk to her constituents about some of the concerns with the school and changes that they wanted to see, and she found that most people brought up concerns with on-campus dining. Michelle and other officer’s conversations with students prompted discussion between GSBA and Sodexo to help cater more to the needs and wants of the Student Body (YOU)! Charles Faulkinberry, the Resident District Manager for Sodexo, met with the management team to see how they work to better accommodate students and was excited to work with GSBA. Here are some of the solutions/ideas that came from it:

  • LoCro will stay open longer! Sodexo management staff said that they are going to start by staying open until 6pm. They will offer soup and hot food selections from about 4:00 – 6:00pm with a limited menu to start. Sodexo is still working to staff LoCro for the extended ours, so there is not an official start date for that. We will continue to keep you posted!
  • The BARC will open some formats for dinner earlier than 5:00pm to accommodate those students who would like more options for an early meal. If students have a class schedule that inhibits their ability to go to the BARC for dinner after 5pm, the BARC will still have some dinner options to cater to this need. The management team is looking into offering grill options and tossed salads for these students. Look out for some of these dinner changes at the BARC soon!
  • Sodexo will also start distributing sack lunches from the Zaggin Wagon. The wagon was moved to the east side of Foley Library today where it will stay most of the winter months. This is where distribution of sack lunches will be. The wagon was moved there to accommodate tent city, and once the winter months are over, the Wagon will continue its regular menu.
  • When the issues of speed and service at Einstein’s was brought up, Chuck responded by saying, “We continue to work through speed of service issues with Einstein’s. It sounds like our times are getting better already with our staff gaining experience. We’ll keep working on it.” Sounds good to us!
  • The screens at the BARC are also being fixed so that they all sync together. Sodexo has contacted the company that supports the menu screens in the BARC to see if they can upgrade or change the current configuration so the menu is static on each screen and the messaging scrolls or only covers half of each screen. Hopefully that helps students better see the menu for the food being served at that specific station.
  • Gary Madsen (Retail Director) and Thomas Morisette (Campus Executive Chef) are looking for a late night option that provides more food selections. These include: approaching Panda to stay open even with a limited menu and/or finding a way to provide an order system for burgers and fries from the Cataldo kitchen that could be rung up and ordered through Einstein’s. GSBA will keep in contact with Sodexo’s progress on this and make sure that YOU know about it!

These changes with Sodexo will be occurring soon and are still contingent on staff scheduling. Look out for these on-campus changes and be sure to thank the staff for better meeting your need! Happy on-campus eating!