Candidate Documents


Spring 2018 Special Election Expenditure Form

All Expenditure Forms must list all items used in a campaign with its corresponding price. For items explicitly purchased for a campaign, please provide a receipt. With items already owned, search for the item online and provide a physical copy of the listed price and attach it to the Expenditure Form. Expenditure Forms for the GSBA Spring 2018 Special Elections are due before 4:30 PM on Friday, March 27. Late Expenditure Forms will be accepted with an hourly deduction from a candidate’s filing deposit. 



Spring 2018 Special Election Petition

All Petitions must be signed by currently enrolled Gonzaga undergraduates with their name and the last four digits of their GU ID number. All Senate positions require 50 signatures. Petitions for the GSBA Spring 2018 Special Elections are due before 5 PM on ThursdayApril 19Late Petitions will be accepted with an hourly deduction from a candidate’s filing deposit.