Special Election Candidates


Senior Senators











Olivia Moorer
Junior | English Literature; Women & Gender Studies, Political Science, Leadership Studies

My goal for this position is to continue the work of the Undocumented Student Scholarship Committee, which I have been involved with this year. I would like to present this idea to the GU public in the fall elections to show student support and after present the scholarship to the Board of Trustees in the fall session, and confirm it in the spring session so it is available in the fall 2019. This scholarship will be housed in GSBA, and therefore the work done for it needs to be within the senate. I would also like to bring diversity and inclusion senators to GSBA so that the senators are not simply class/school based but issue based as well. My qualifications are: One World Editor in Chief (2016-2018), CCE work study (2015-2018), Student Advisory to the President Board Member (2015-2018) and GSBA Off-Campus Senator (2017-2018). I have a 3.8 GPA and am pursuing a law degree after graduation from Gonzaga.











Gabriel Rivas
Junior | Political Science; Criminal Justice

Hey! My name is Gabriel Rivas, I am a Junior majoring in Political Science & Criminal Justice. Currently, I serve as the GU Hip Hop & Rap Clubs Co-President, Greater Cause Chair for Kappa Sigma, and am apart of cultural clubs such as Black Student Union. If elected Senior Senator, I want to tackle issues relating to diversity not only in terms of race, but also in terms of the events held on campus. In my three years, I have experienced a variety of racial prejudices that other students of color have experienced too and believe more needs to be done. Some proposals I have to combat these problems would be establishing a FYS course that would educate Freshman on becoming culturally aware and acknowledge offensive behavior, as well as streamlining the process of reporting instances of racism. Additionally, I want to establish an “Entertainment Board”, which other universities have in place, which would be a coalition of cultural, film, and musical clubs that would be provided with a budget and plan big events on campus.



Junior Senators











Jade Harrison
Sophomore| Business Administration;Communication Studies

My name is Jade Harrison and I am currently studying Business Administration with a minor in Communication Studies. Involvement in RHA has been the starting grounds for my pursuit of student/constituent advocacy, and with GSBA Senate, I wish to expand this goal into the greater Gonzaga community. As part of this advocacy campaign, I wish to open the voices of those who feel marginalized, ignored, or otherwise powerless, in pursuit of fostering a more united student body home to all voices and ideas. Characteristics that describe me are strength in communications, balance in decision making, and interminable drive to action. I promise to give the student body an exceptional and unforgettable experience. I am motivated as an individual rooted in commitment, community and trust, and am fully devoted to the success of our student body. Consider these words, and your hopes for next year, in voting for your junior senator.











Alli Fellger
Sophomore | Computer Science

As a senator representing the Junior Class, I would place emphasis on ensuring the safety and well-being of students, on-campus or off. As many in our class will be moving into Gonzaga’s surrounding neighborhood in the coming year, I would take steps to ensure that I was representing and supporting all students in our year – not just those who are actively engaged in school-sanctioned events on a regular basis. Above all else, my primary goal would be for my agenda to reflect as accurately as possible the needs and issues that affect students most. I would pursue this by listening to those who have something to say, and encouraging and enabling those who are discouraged to speak.



On-Campus Senators











Barnabas Sirak
Freshman | Criminal Justice and Sociology; Business Administration

My name is Barnabas Sirak and I am running for an On-Campus Senator position. During my time at Gonzaga, I have been given the opportunity to interact with many different types of people, each voicing their own unique opinion. I am willing to put work into bringing different viewpoints and ideas into fruition through legislative action. I have previous experience representing student populations in government and have learned how to effectively communicate the ideas of the student population, resulting in tangible change through legislative work. Through my experiences, I have also learned how to solicit ideas from groups, and relay messages and ideas in a way that prompts action.











Gabby Hanselman
Freshman | Political Science and Sociology; Spanish

I am a freshman majoring in Political Science and Sociology, with a minor in in Spanish. I have been serving as an On-Campus Senator during the 2018 spring semester, and hope to continue working in this position. Currently, I live in the Women for Others LLC on the 4th floor of Coughlin, and next year I will be living in the Social Justice and Solidarity LLC in Kennedy.   As an On-Campus Senator I plan on promoting inclusivity, safety, and community. In order to effectively foster a sense of community, all community members must feel safe, included, and have a sense of belonging. I plan to do this through tackling issues of campus safety, especially in cases of sexual assault/violence, as well as fostering a sense of inclusivity in on-campus culture, and housing policy. I plan on collaborating with RA’s and RD’s as they have an important role in establishing on-campus culture, and safety! I am open to any suggestions, and plan on meeting with as many on-campus residents as I can!











Sophia Zink
Freshman | International Relations, Political Science; French

As first year student, I have experienced Gonzaga’s on campus community first hand and am dedicated to making improvements with particular focus on the inclusion of all communities, student safety, mental health, and sexual assault awareness. As your On-Campus Senator I would be committed to increasing the inclusion of the diverse voices Gonzaga has to offer in order to improve on-campus experiences and opportunities. I would also like to place specific emphasis on the issue of sexual assault in regard to raising awareness, preventative measures, and survivor support. As a member of my local Healthy Youth Initiative Action team and Mental Health Coalition, I have had extensive experience in representing the voices of my peers. I am excited to discuss topics of issue with anyone interested in my platform before and after voting. My past experience regarding advocacy work, willingness to listen to and include all voices, and passion for improving the GU on-campus experience makes me feel like I could best represent you. Thank you for voting.



Off-Campus Senator











Braxton Difuntorum
Sophomore | Business Administration; Political Science

Hey y’all! My name is Braxton Difuntorum and I am currently a sophomore Business major with a PoliSci minor. Although I have served in Senate the past two years as an On-Campus Senator, I will be running for an Off-Campus seat for this coming academic year, as I will be living in the Logan Neighborhood as a junior and senior. As an Off-Campus Senator, I will involved with the Logan Block Council and other off-campus groups to check in and to respond to the needs of those students. While the life away from the dorms can be new and exciting, it can also be scary and filled with many questions, and it is my goal to promote and expand the support system that currently exists in order to best help you. I look forward to serving you as you continue your Zag experience, and wish you the best of luck as you finish off this 2016-2017 school year. Sko Zags!



College of Arts & Sciences Senators











Allison Steinbeck
Sophomore | Biology; Chemistry

I am running to be the Senator for the College of Arts and Sciences because I want to strive to make improvements to Gonzaga for you. I have previously held leadership positions in student governments and loved being able to make a positive impact on my community. I am willing and excited to listen to the voices of our campus to ensure students voices are heard at Gonzaga. I am currently a sophomore biology major with a chemistry minor. I love working hard and being involved. Please consider voting for me as your Senator of the College of Arts and Sciences.











Anthony Willins
Freshman | Sociology, Economics; English

Most Important to me at Gonzaga is the community. GUs close community is developed by everything from personal friendships to officially organized events, and being something I personally have enjoyed the benefits of, it is something I seek to improve and sustain as senator. I plan to act with a great deal of transparency and make myself accessible to all in the GU community. As senator my driving goal will be inclusion of all and perpetuation and improvement to the accessibility of our student and academic community.



School of Engineering & Applied Sciences Senators











Thomas McDonald
Sophomore | Computer Science

Hi, I’m Thomas! I’m currently a sophomore at GU pursuing my BS in Computer Science. Outside of class you’ll often find me in the music department, playing video games in Desmet, or slaving away in Herak. I am running for this position because I am extremely passionate about Gonzaga and would love for a chance to represent our student body. In high school,  I was granted a taste of a leadership role when I served as the senior class VP. I will never forget that experience and it is partly why I am running for Senate now. If selected for this position, I will strive to represent my fellow peers in anyways possible and aim to better Gonzaga as a whole.



School of Education Senators











Anika van Dyken
Freshman | Elementary Education/English

As the School of Education Senator, I hope to advocate for the educational department at Gonzaga University, in order to provide a voice for the Gonzaga University students pursuing their paths as future educators. By giving this voice, this platform, to me as a representative of the department of potential teachers, the future generations of Zags will be in an atmosphere fully invested in learning. Though I intend to represent the School of Education, I hope to additionally collaborate with the Gonzaga Student Body, as a whole, to create a welcoming and inclusive campus built upon the strong moral codes that make us Zags!