Election Candidates


President/Vice President











Kimberly May, Presidential Candidate
Junior | Business Administration, Marketing and Human Resources

Caitlin May, Vice Presidential Candidate
Junior | Business Administration, Marketing; Entrepreneurial Leadership

The foundation of our platform rests upon three pillars that guide our actions; equality, empowerment, and inspiration. To us, equality means recognizing that everyone has differences to be acknowledged and celebrated, but also that every person should be valued equally. With empowerment, we will strive to make every person on this campus feel their worth and that their voice is not only valuable but also accounted for. Finally, we see inspiration as the effort to live in a way that outwardly expresses the Jesuit ideal of being a person for and with others in order to inspire a more conscious and caring society. In short, equality aims at how we see others, empowerment is how we see ourselves, and inspiration is how we take these and apply them to have a positive impact on the world. Some of our goals are to continue all of the amazing initiatives started this year, like promoting and fostering diversity as well as focusing on the importance of sexual assault awareness. Another goal we have is to bring awareness to an identity that is often overlooked when thinking about intersectionality: ability. Finally, we hope to promote the capability of women in leadership positions.












Athena Sok, Presidential Candidate
Junior | History and Secondary Education

Trent Smiley, Vice Presidential Candidate
Freshman | International Relations and French; Leadership Studies

We, as members of the Gonzaga community, believe in the potential of our university and its’ student body to uphold the objects of our mission. Our names are Athena Sok and Trent Smiley and we are passionate about being your next GSBA President and Vice President.Together, we have been involved in cultural organizations, Housing and Residence Life, the Center for Cura Personalis, the Comprehensive Leadership Program, intramural sports, Ambassadors, and we bridge both branches of GSBA. Through all of these different avenues, we have gained an understanding of the student body and how we can best serve our university.Focusing on our unity as Zags, we are confident that we can improve your experience through these three pillars: Transparency: We want to foster a relationship built upon cooperation between the student body and administration through GSBA. Inclusion: We want to advocate for the diverse needs of all members of our community.Progress: We will not accept complacency or idleness and want to see tangible change made in our tenure. As individuals from different backgrounds and experiences, we believe we can unite the university to make progress towards a more inclusive Zag nation.












JamesDaniel Valle, Presidential Candidate
Junior | Political Science and Economics; Criminal Justice and Business Marketing

Connor Hayes, Vice Presidential Candidate
Junior | B.S. Economics/ Analytical Finance, Political Science, Leadership Studies

Gonzaga’s community provides many opportunities for young people to find their passion, and to create their own paths for the future. However, there are too many who do not experience that same sense of community. We hope to continue the groundbreaking work done by the past two administrations- to welcome with open arms people who seek to become a part of the community, and to make up for lost time for those who are already here by: 1. Expanding intercultural and diversity-based dialogue on campus2. Increasing undergraduate access to service and learning opportunities both on campus and in the greater Spokane area.3. Bridging the gap between GSBA and the student body in order to foster meaningful growth on campus.We have spent our first three years at GU serving in GSBA, working in Residence Life, learning and leading in different academic clubs, and volunteering with CCE. Now we are striving to continue to serve at the highest level to build on the work that has been done, and to align our actions with our mission as students for others.


Speaker of Senate











Giulianna Pendleton, Speaker of Senate Candidate
Sophomore | Political Science and Environmental Studies; Philosophy

My name is Giulianna Pendleton and I am running to be the Speaker of the Senate. I am currently a sophomore Political Science and Environmental Studies double major and Philosophy minor. This school year I have served as a Sophomore Senator and chair of the Health and Safety Committee. As chair, I have addressed school wide topics such as title IX, alcohol culture, mental health, and gender inclusivity. Specifically, I committed to raising awareness about rape culture on campus and cultivating a conversation around it by creating the “I Pledge” video last fall. As a senator, I also had the opportunity to be a voting member on Green Fund to help students make real change on campus. Moreover, I participated in the Experiential Leadership Institute last fall to grow my leadership skills and I am now a part of the Sustainable Student Leadership Program to focus my leadership abilities around sustainability. Through my training in political science and environmental studies, experience in the Senate, and involvement in leadership programs on campus, I have the wherewithal to lead next year’s Senate to represent, listen to, and work for our constituents.














Maurice Harbick, Treasurer Candidate
Sophomore, Political Science, English; Leadership Studies, Economics

I didn’t come into freshman year expecting to run for class office, but some encouragement from my friends pushed me to give it a go. The election was close – I made it through the general election, but lost in the run-off. Much of my sense of self was found in high school student government, and losing the election left me with some questions. If not student government, what was my GU calling supposed to be? The defeat ended up being the best thing for me. I discovered that my identity was much richer than the external labels I found worth in. If I wasn’t attuned with who I was as a person, there’s no way I could be attuned with the needs of a student body. After two years removed from student government, I wasn’t sure if I’d run again; however, the treasurer position was always in the back of my mind. I have experience managing a budget, a strong interest in community engagement, and most importantly, a new understanding of my identity. Serving GU as your treasurer would be an immense privilege – I promise nothing but my best effort in serving the needs of our student body if elected.














Connor Brachtl, Sophomore Representative Candidate
Freshman | Political Science; Spanish

How ya doing Gonzaga? My name’s Connor Brachtl and I want to be your Sophomore Rep. If elected, I don’t want to be some guy you see riding his scooter around who sends you emails once a week. I want to get to know the class of 2021. I want to meet you, hear about your interests and stories, and develop a greater understanding of what you guys want to see on campus.As the representative of our class, I want to set the example of how to fully immerse yourself in campus activity. You’ll see me participating in sports events, volunteering, the arts, and all the fun events GSBA coordinates on campus. My biggest goal is to promote individual talent on campus. I want you guys to feel like your work is valued. Do you have a song you published on Soundcloud? Do you have a painting that you’d like to display? As Sophomore rep, it would be my pleasure to show off the passions of our awesome class.If you have any questions or just want to talk, don’t be afraid to say hello. Thanks for taking the time to read!












Ryan Meza, Sophomore Representative Candidate
Freshman | Broadcasting; Sport Management

I want to be your Sophomore Representative because I hope to continue making a difference in our community. Many people talk about how much they love the community at Gonzaga, but I want to create more unity in our class by planning events that will bring us all together. I believe everyone’s voice should be heard and I will continue to voice your opinions and concerns. I will persist in my efforts to create opportunities for you to get involved with what you are passionate about and hopefully spark other passions along the way. I have experience in GSBA as the Freshman Representative and it has been a great learning experience for me. I was able to meet various students in the Class of 2021 and get a better sense of what our class needs. If re-elected as a class representative, I will create a more personal and inclusive environment. Through my experience as your Freshman Representative, I have learned how to approach situations and how things should be handled and I am willing to go above and beyond for this class. I am a very passionate, determined person and I will strive to promote acceptance and inclusion.












Sarah Cook, Junior Representative Candidate
Sophomore | Nursing

Since joining the Gonzaga community, I have found that active involvement in on-campus activities has played a key factor in my overwhelmingly positive college experience. I firmly believe that having an active student life leads to having a happy and healthy life.  Therefore, I am running for Junior Representative because I want to encourage GU students to get involved. I think there are opportunities for involvement for everyone and I want to help guide my fellow Zags in finding what that is! As a current member of the Kennel Club Board as well as being an Ambassador, I have learned how to work with a team, collaborate, and execute a plan in order to best serve the student body, and I hope that I will have that same opportunity as Junior Representative. The “GU community” is referenced frequently on campus but the word itself is quite broad in definition. My goal is to define what it really means to be a part of Gonzaga’s community and continue to create and provide a plethora of opportunities for students to find their own unique group/club/activity/program they are passionate about on Gonzaga’s campus.












Kate Bredenberg, Senior Representative Candidate
Junior | Communication Studies

Hello, my name is Kate Bredenberg and I am running to be one of your senior senators. I am excited to share I was recently selected as junior senator for the remainder of this semester. I hope to continue my service in GSBA senior year in order to ensure a positive impact is made before my time here at Gonzaga comes to a close. If elected, I will value every voice and every opinion on campus. If you entrust me to represent the senior class in senate, I will be an active and accessible connection for any student who seeks support to create lasting change. My goal is to genuinely represent the seniors, and dedicate my time and effort to crucial issues that the entire Zag community holds dear. Peace and Love, Kate.



Class Senators











Spencer Brown, Sophomore Senator Candidate
Freshman | Journalism and English

My name is Spencer Brown and I am running to be one of your senators. Even though I have not been involved with GSBA before I have been involved in student governments in the past. I have a Leslie Knope like passion for politics, fixing problems, and fighting for equality. I love being involved in this community and I want to make it as great as it can be. As someone who is majoring in journalism I am someone who values truth and transparency. I work to make sure that every voice is heard and is valued because that is what makes a college campus such as this amazing and diverse as possible. I deeply care about people and would love the opportunity to serve this community in this way.












Michael Janney, Sophomore Senator Candidate
Freshman | Business Administration, Entrepreneurship & Innovation; International Business

Hello, my name is Michael Janney. I am the current incumbent School of Business Administration Senator and I am now running for Sophomore Senator. Gonzaga University is wonderful, but there are definitely flaws we can work on as a student body and school. What I currently do and want to continue to do is work on institutional changes to Gonzaga. This includes, but not limited to making course evaluations public to the students, change to time registration, bridging the gap between students and faculty, and changing the way freshman and sophomore advising is done at the School of Business. These are real changes that you will see over this year and the following that will impact your collegiate life. I believe in GSBA as a tool to make these changes to this campus. And I hope you can believe in me. Vote Michael Janney for your Sophomore Senator!











Cassandra Lee, Sophomore Senator Candidate
Freshman | Sports Management and Business

Hi, my name is Cassie Lee and I am running for the sophomore senator position. There are many of you whom I have met and many who I haven’t, so let me give you a few facts about me. I am from a small town in Colorado that provided me a lot of experience that would make me a good candidate for this position. I have been involved in student council throughout middle and high school, as well as being involved in the community through different groups. I am currently a sports management and business double major and would like to use my major and skills to try and bring more opportunities for every major. I would make it my goal to ensure that I can make as many students at Gonzaga be successful and happy in their time spent here, and hope that you will allow me this opportunity as senator. Thank you!












Zach Zamberlin, Sophomore Senator Candidate
Freshman | Business Administration, Finance and Entrepreneurship

Hey Zags! My name is Zach Zamberlin and I hope to be one of your sophomore senators next year! I would love to be a part of GSBA and help coordinate events to make a difference at GU. I will dedicate my time, energy, and enthusiasm into this senator position in order to benefit Gonzaga in a positive way. I have had previous experiences similar to the senator position from being ASB President at my high school, and Vice President at my junior high. I want to bring my passion for leadership and spread it through GSBA and all over campus! All in all, I would love to be your senator and represent the class of 2021 in GSBA. Thus, your vote for me as your sophomore senator is one vote closer to making a difference for the lives of the Zags.



Academic Senators











Morgan Graves, College of Arts and Sciences Senator Candidate
Freshman | Political Science and International Relations with a Leadership minor

Every student at Gonzaga, no matter their political opinion, gender, sexual orientation, or ethnicity, deserves a voice. As a College of Arts and Sciences Senator, I would make it my goal to cater to your individual needs as we all strive to find our purpose. With a focus on advocating for the student body and voicing concerns to the administration, I would change and implement new policies to benefit not only our college but campus as a whole.












Elizabeth Van Drimmelen, School of Nursing & Human Physiology Senator Candidate
Junior | Nursing

My name is Elizabeth Van Drimmelen and I am a Junior Nursing Student from Portland, OR.I am running for School of Nursing and Human Physiology Senator because I have been a part of GSBA and I am passionate about improving the communication between the School of Nursing and Human Physiology and GSBA. I want to be able to support the students in the School of Nursing and Human Physiology as best I can. I think that I would do well in this position because I am easily approachable and an attentive listener. If I were to be elected, one of my main goals would be to make sure that the School of Nursing and Human Physiology’s views are accurately represented and create dialogue between the students and administration. I would love the opportunity to represent the School of Nursing and Human Physiology’s interests to help enhance the inclusive environment on campus.












Zadie Onishuk, School of Nursing & Human Physiology Senator Candidate
Sophomore | Nursing

Hi Zags! I am a Sophomore Nursing Student, from Santa Barbara, California. I am so passionate about the School of Nursing and Human Physiology here at Gonzaga, and want to do whatever I can to represent the students that make up this very special program! In the past I have been privileged to work as a team-member and leader in healthcare, non-profit and academic environments. I believe I am well-qualified for this position, and confident I will learn much more along the way. I will listen to any and all ideas and communicate the students concerns, while doing my very best to improve this amazing University we all call home. Specifically, I hope to be part of the GSBA so I can work with this team effectively and diligently to maximize the impacts of our student government.



General Senators











Indie Landon, Transfer/Veteran/Returning Adult Senator Candidate
Sophomore | Communication Studies, Spanish

There is one thing I love about Gonzaga besides an excellent education – a welcoming environment with a deep sense of community. Through leadership and community engagement, I strive to make sure that all students feel a sense of unity on campus along with the resources to succeed! As a 2017 spring semester transfer student, I entered campus weary of what to expect and afraid that my poor previous college experience would continue. Little did I know how quickly Gonzaga’s inclusive community would encourage me to be myself. As the Transfer Senator, I would love to work closely with other non-traditional and transfer students towards more integration programs that show how to become more involved in their new community.












Scott Peltomaa, Transfer/Veteran/Returning Adult Senator Candidate
Junior | Political Science; History, Philosophy

Hello, my name is Scott Peltomaa and I am running for re-election for the position of Transfer, Veteran, and Returning Adult Student Senator. Over the past semester, I have worked on several projects as a member of the Senate committee on Health and Safety, all of which I am very proud of. Although we have made some progress, there is still much to be done. If re-elected, I promise to continue promoting efficiency and productivity at Gonzaga so that we can reach our full potential as an institution. Furthermore, I hope to improve the campus’ sustainability efforts and bring awareness to the mental health services that are available to the student body. It would be my pleasure to serve another term on GSBA Senate so that I can continue to advocate for diversity, inclusion, and social justice on campus. I want to work alongside the administration and the executive staff of GSBA so that we can make real changes, ones that would help to facilitate an environment of success for all students. Go Zags!