About Us

The Gonzaga Student Body Association, or GSBA, represents the voice of the students on the campus of Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington.

GSBA, which is made up of students that are both elected officers and appointed staff members, provides many different types of opportunities for fellow students across campus.

The Executive branch is made up of the elected officers, Executive Staff, Elections Commission and the Activities Board. The Executive Officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer and Speaker of the Senate) are elected each Spring by the student body. With the exception of the elections commissioners, all positions are one year, regardless of if they are elected or appointed. The Executive Staff are mainly involved with the day to day operations, and have office hours in the GSBA Offices in Crosby Student Center. The Elections Commission is in charge of all elections for GSBA positions, and oversee candidates to monitor compliance with University and GSBA policies.

GSBA sponsors countless oncampus events, including GU’s annual Spring Bling celebration and numerous concerts and dances. By inviting thought-provoking guest speakers to campus and chartering diverse clubs and organizations, GSBA often leads the student body in tackling current issues that matter to students today. GSBA also has a voice in the overall operation of the University.

The Judicial Board, which is also made up of University Students, works under the GSBA to provide peer conflict mediation and advising. J-Board, as they are know, collaborate with the Student Life and Student Activities offices to enforce the Constitution and By Laws of GSBA, in addition to the policies and regulations of the University.

The Senate is 24 students that are from various areas of the University, such as on campus and off campus representatives. Under the constitution, the Senate has all legislative power within GSBA, and discusses and votes on all bills, resolutions or appropriations. Further details about the operations of the Senate can be found in the Operational Documents section of the website.

GSBA also runs the Wall, a piece of concrete that runs between College Hall and DeSmet Hall, which is available to community members and student organizations to advertise their events and clubs to passing students.

About Gonzaga University:

Gonzaga College started in 1881 with $936 in hard silver dollars. It bought Gonzaga’s founder, Father Joseph Cataldo, S.J., 320 acres of land and water, what people then referred to as “the old piece of gravel near the falls.” Six years later, the College officially opened the doors of its only building for “young Scholastics, whose ambition it is to become priests.” Exclusively for boys, the College was under the charge of the Jesuit priests. Enrollment for the 1887-88 academic year was 18 young men.

Today, it is known as Gonzaga University, a private, four-year institution of higher education. More than 105 buildings dot the 131-acre campus overlooking the Spokane River. Students include both women and men, who can enroll in a multitude of undergraduate or graduate programs.

A constant throughout the years is Gonzaga’s educational philosophy, based on the centuries-old Ignatian model of educating the whole person – mind, body and spirit. At Gonzaga, students discover how to integrate science and art, faith and reason, action and contemplation. “Cura personalis,” or care for the individual, is our guiding theme.