Our Logo


New Logo

Why we changed our logo:

It is our belief that our former logo failed to adequately represent the professionalism of our organization as well as our commitment to support and advocate for all Gonzaga students. The creation of a cleaner more professional logo lends to our overall goal of becoming a more transparent organization and thus becoming the most reliable source for up-to-date news, student-led action, and channels to the administration.

As your elected and appointed representatives, we hope this image change represents our dedication to never be satisfied with the status quo and always work to improve the way that you the students experience your education at Gonzaga.


Old Logo

The old logo, which has been used for many years across campus at Gonzaga, has been retired as of August 2012. The old logo, as shown on the right, may still appear on official documents and communications while the new logo is installed throughout the organization.

Starting in August 2012, it will no longer appear on new communications or at GSBA events and activities.

We look forwarded to working with and for you this year, and hope to receive your feedback all year long.


Your President,

Nathan Heinrichs