Senate Bills and Resolutions

SBF111014-01 (November 2014)

SBF110314-01 (November 2014)

SBF102714-01 (October 2014)

SBF102714-02 (October 2014)

SBF102714-03 (October 2014)

SBF101314-01 (October 2014)

SBF100614-01 (October 2014)

SBF092914-01 (September 2014)

SBF092214-01 (September 2014)

Financial Documents

Archive Budgets

2012-2013 Budget

2011-2012 Budget

2010-2011 Budget

2009-2010 Budget

Operational Documents

The Operational Documents of the GSBA include anything that officially outlines the policies and procedures of the organization.

For operational documents of individual clubs and organizations can be found by visiting the Community page.

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