Green Fund


Green Fund Background

  • The Gonzaga Green Fund provides one-time grant funds for student-led projects directed toward improving sustainability in the operation of the Gonzaga Campus.
  • The fund and its student led grant making committee empowers students to advance as leaders and enables student-driven projects in sustainability by providing a source of funding, guidance, hands-on experience and networking opportunities.
  • Funding student projects is consistent with the university mission of education and research and will contribute to Gonzaga’s vision to create a culture of sustainability through student-led programs and outreach.


Applications submitted within the following time periods will be reviewed on said date:

Submitted August 30 – October 8, reviewed October 9
Submitted October 9 – November 12, reviewed November 13
Submitted November 13 – February 18, reviewed February 19
Submitted February 19 – April 8, reviewed April 9

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Past Projects

  • Lake Arthur Floating Islands installed by Environmental Studies seniors to provide nutrients and habitat to the aquatic ecosystem!
  • Rethink Waste Outdoor Recycling and Compost Bins to increase waste diversion rates on campus!
  • A Solar Panel charging station for the PewGo!
  • Gonzaga Forum on Sustainability