Green Fund

Green Fund Background

  • The Gonzaga Green Fund provides one-time grant funds for student-led projects directed toward improving sustainability in the operation of the Gonzaga Campus.
  • The fund and its student led grant making committee empowers students to advance as leaders and enables student-driven projects in sustainability by providing a source of funding, guidance, hands-on experience and networking opportunities.
  • Funding student projects is consistent with the university mission of education and research and will contribute to Gonzaga’s vision to create a culture of sustainability through student-led programs and outreach.
Applications submitted within the following time periods will be reviewed on said date:

Submitted Nov 14 – Feb 19, reviewed Feb 22
Submitted Feb 20 – Apr 9, reviewed Apr 12

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Past Projects

Students noticed a lack of ability for students to compost at Gonzaga, so they took initiative and brought composting to campus! Two separate projects purchased recycling and compost bins to complement the garbage cans on campus, as well as personal-sized compost bins for the apartment units on campus.