Academic Committee

Sophia Troeh Joshua Budig Kau’i Ho’opi’i Isabel Lada Molly Wilson Fiona Sutherland


Our mission is to represent all of Gonzaga’s academic schools and student populations by having the Academic Senators serve together on this committee. We are responsible for all matters pertaining to academic affairs in Gonzaga University. To serve our mission, we as members aim to open up a dialogue with their constituents, GSBA, academic faculty, and the deans of our respective schools.

We are currently working to issue a resolution to reform the academic approach to University “Dead Week” in conjunction with Faculty Senate. In addition, we are focusing on collaborating with Gonzaga’s Academic Honor Societies to help revitalize their campus presence and awareness. In the last few months we passed a bill clearly outlining the duties that Academic Senators are responsible to execute during their term.