The Wall

The Wall is one of the most effective and popular advertising methods on campus. It is available to both campus Clubs and Organizations as well as community members. There is a small cost of $5 for Gonzaga clubs and organizations, and $10 for other community members. These help to offset the cost of supplies and staff to run the Wall.

To reserve a space on the wall, click the button below to complete a reservation request on Zagtivities.

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History of The Wall

Built in the late 1960s to keep foot traffic from crossing the lawn in front of Desmet Hall, the Wall started out as a thin fence. Today, it has transformed into a Gonzaga community message board, growing thicker with each layer of paint sprayed, rolled and drawn by generations of Gonzaga students.

The concrete, excess from a nearby project, was donated by Central Pre-mix Concrete Company. The Wall was then constructed by employees and students working for the Grounds Department.

“It was not originally built to be a message center,” said Ken Sammons, director of plant services. “For many years we painted out any and all messages as they were painted on the Wall. Its current use as a message center is by default, not design.”

It remains today as a visual voice for students, faculty, staff, alumni, clubs and organizations. For five dollars, anyone can rent the Wall to post a message, pending approval from the Gonzaga Student Body Association and the Office of Student Life. Announcements are posted on the Wall for one week before yet another coat of white paint is added.

When asked about sanding the layers of paint away, David Lindsey, director of student activities, said, “It’s the layers of paint that give it character.”

Yes, the layers of paint and the generations of Zags who share their Wall stories…